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Metaphysical eBooks

Please take a moment to view this list of ebooks which include various methods of healing, herbology and spiritual wisdom.  We are constantly adding ebooks for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy!

Ancestral/Spiritual Arranged Marriageā„¢: Working w/ The Ancestors to Find Your Life Partner by Priestess Esi

If you are tired of wasting time and energy on men who are not right for you, this book is for you!  Receive spiritual guidance from your own ancestors on a journey that leads you to your life partner.   Use this secret that most of the world does not know to change your life!

Purchase on Amazon Kindle.  Kindle Unlimited Accepted.

Increasing Our Vibrations: How to Evolve w/ the Planet by Priestess Esi

Increase your vibrations and evolve with Mother Earth. This book provides advice, tips and tricks on how to keep up with the metaphysical climate of our times.

Learn more about your human and spiritual nature and healthfully combine your lower and higher nature in order to powerfully navigate various realms.

This book will aid you to:
Perform easy yet effective spells
Build protection against negative energies
Cleanse your aura
Learn why fear is important while controlling it
Accept your human instincts
Soaring to new spiritual heights
Become a more powerful Being and more!

Purchase on Amazon Kindle.  Kindle Unlimited ACCEPTED.