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Spiritual Gifts Coaching & Spiritual Health Consultations

Spiritual Gifts Coaching
As a Spiritual Gifts Coach, I can not only help you identify your gifts, but I can also teach you how to strengthen them!  Whether you are interested in using your gifts to help your family and friends or you want to help others, I can show you how!  Why do some seem to have more spiritual power than others? How about you?  What are your spiritual gifts and how have you used them?  How powerful are you in comparison to others?  How can you grow?

 I can help you connect with your ancestors and other spirit guides including angels and also animal totems, help you understand the "spiritual phenomena" that may be happening around you, give you healing/cleansing rituals for your life, teach you how to spiritually protect yourself, help you to release blockages in your life, guide you into trance meditations(book special appointment for this), assist you in increasing your vibrations, teach you how to strengthen your 3rd eye, help you to understand your dreams/visions, help you to balance your higher and lower self(both are necessary),  assist you in finding and living your life purpose, etc.

What Should You Expect in a Coaching Session or Consultation?
I will open the floor for you to tell me about your issue and/or ask questions to me.  I will answer your questions and give you spiritual healing guidance to help strengthen your spiritual life.  THIS IS NOT A READING, BUT A  SPIRITUAL GIFTS COACHING AND CONSULTATION SESSION TO HELP YOU IN YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE.  

How to Book a Coaching/Consultation Session?
After ordering a consultation,  you should receive an email within 3 business days to schedule your consultation.  The next step is that you and I will meet over the phone.   If you would like to reschedule, please notify me a day in advance.