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"I just want to say thank you one more time! I just finished my past life reading and it was beyond dope! I didn't have to ask too many questions because there was so much information being given. But, more importantly were the confirmations. Sooo many and explinations as to why I am the way I am, and why I'm experiencing the changes challenges and tests that I have. I suggest you get yours it will be a great road map for you!"
V. Watson

"Am truly grateful and so amazed on the accuracy and authenticity of my reading with Priestess Esi ðŸ™ŒðŸ’¥ðŸ’œ.She was on point with everything that was revealed to me during my reading. Such a beautifu and genuine spirit that my heart resonated deeply with a long time ago💕. I'll certainly be returning for more readings in the near future."
A. Abdul

"Priestess Esi is amazing! I was lucky enough to be able to have some time with her connecting with me, and I'm so grateful. She's truly gifted and able to read me and understand how to help guide further with problems and your purpose. Shedding light on darkness. Highly recommend. Thankyou again :)"
E. Kremaindahl

"I just finished a reading with Priestess Esi. My reading was nothing short of amazing . It was very accurate and helpful. I got a lot of unanswered questions questioned and feel so much better. I would recommend Priestess services to anyone that needs answers. I gained a lot of knowledge and I can tell you 30 mins is definitely not long enough to all the knowledge that can be provided with her services. Thank you Priestess for such an in depth reading I appreciate it. Love and Light!!"
S. Smallwood

" Thank you Priestess Esi for my Mini Ancestral Arranged Marriage Technique Reading. The information and insights were right in alignment with what I needed to hear. Looking forward to my ancestors guiding me to my divine Husband."
S. Grace

Thank you so much. Your energy is amazing and you were 100% accurate. You revealed some things that no one knows and gave some spiritual guidance that I have been looking for. Thank you for the guidance and clarity and I will definitely be contacting you again in the near future.
L. Sunshine 

I was soooo pleased with my reading you were spot on and have helped me see forward and move forward with my life and look after me thankyou sooo much again.
K. Banks 

Thank you so much for replying to me. I have been so wrapped up in the negativity going in in my life. I realized that I cannot keep shining and growing until I give myself focus and trust in what I know and feel is right. Thanks again I really appreciate you taking time out for me.
C. Riggs 

Priestess Esi thank you so much,and is spot on! I always ask Archangel Michaels for his help( the Archangel I feel closest to) 💚💜
A. Sullivan 

Just got a reading from Priestess Esi and what she said absolutely resonates my situation. Would like to thank her for her time and energy. Love and light. ❤️

I.  Banerjee


Priestess Esi, thank you very much for your reading. It made me very happy. And I'm looking forward for more insightful things about me n my journey. I really recommend getting a reading from her.

R. Pliego


Priestess Esi was able to describe me very well. thank you for your time and energy!

B. Stroud


Very good reading by Priestess Esi . Was able to describe a lot of what my mind has been dealing with lately. It was hopeful and positive. Thank you so much.

L. Deyoung

You were on spot about my personality.

C. Lawyer


Had a reading from priestess Esi and one was so correct and so what I was going through at this stage.

S. Thomas


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, she has a beautiful gift and it was definitely me. Many blessings God bless and keep angels around you amen x.

J. Gorton


Yes we are planning on having children. I was told that I will conceive April 2018.  Priestess Esi, thank you very much! Do you see a daughter for me? I’ve been told I will conceive a daughter and only one person has said son other than you. I think it’s interesting ❤️

A. England


Thank you priestess esi...I really do love children...
I will let you know when that woman appears..
Thank you

M. Vlaun


This resonates with me to another level. Lately I have been pulled in so many different directions that I’ve lost time for myself. Thank you

S. Zimmerman


Thank you so much! Yes my bff is getting married and I cant wait! I myself AM on a quest for Enlightenment! Thank you so much! So spot on!   The reading was super spot on and accurate! I thouroughly enjoyed it!

M. Duran


Was an awesome reading everything was spt on would def recommend to others love and light.

R. Shomo


 I just had a wonderful reading with Priestess Esi!!! It really answers my questions I had about my mate being my twin flame. It was right on point about some of his characteristics. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to have my next one ‼️❤️

S. Bless


Thank you for the wonderful reading!! The head and the heart interferes with all relationships!! I will listen to my spirit guide and my dreams.

D.  Metris


EVERYONE Needs to experience a reading from Priestess Esi whether it's a paid reading or a free reading, just being in her energy receiving guidance definetly leaves a print. She gave me an indept reading. She explained every card pulled and answered my questions n concerns I had. I can't express in words bit the feeling I have even hours after the reading is what's important to me. I feel so great and trust more in my journey. Every one deserves to feel confident n free in their own journey n that's exactly how I feel. It's crazy! Instantly felt my angles love hovering over me. The detox phase isn't as bad as before because I know now n trust the posses. The negative energy leaving my body making room for more abundance and self love to home my body ♡♡♡ I'm so happy ! Definetly recommend a paid reading with this lady. If your honest with yourself n let go youll feel as joyful about your journey as I am. ♡♡♡ thank you thank you thank you a million.

R. Pliego


I truly appreciate you for this 馃槏 I have been struggling to move forward because of past events and I'm learning to let things go and move on so I can reach my full potential. Thank you

O. Murdock

Thank Priestess Esi for the great are truly gifted.everthing was spot on .I thank you for your guidance and wisdom 

S. Donley

Priestess Esi, thank you for such a wonderful reading. Your astrological reading and numerology were right on point...and when you consulted the oracle and tarot, I'm even more clear on the next steps I need to take to live a more blissful life. I truly appreciate your authenticity and your accuracy. Thank you again!!! - PJ Cannon

I just want to thank you for my reading today. Your guidance and coaching were right on point with what My Ancestors had been telling me....Verbatim! I look forward to more sessions and building a bond of comradery and love. You brought me sunshine during a rainstorm. Love you! - Natasha Kailani

"I received my Spiritual Reading from Priestess Esi. I am truly thankful. It's was an eye opener for me to analyze situations going on in my life, that I needed to make adjustments on. My favorite part of my reading was when Priestess Esi stated " I am very Feminine". That was so, funny. Because I hear it from friends. But, never thought much about it. But, to hear it from someone, I've never met! She also, touched on matters, that are taking place in my life currently. I am forever, grateful for this Sistah, for giving me this amazing opportunity. I can't wait to get another reading in the near future. Peace, Love and Light <3" - Kittora, Michigan

"She is simply Amazing.  My reading was met with profound, complete accuracy along with in depth detail of cause, solution and end results.  The dark path has now turned into light.  Now I see clearly A Beauty-filled path of rewarding opportunities"  - Miles Lucas

"When I read what Priestess Esi has seen, it gave me chills. It spoke to a lot of things that I have going on in my life everyday and helped shed light to see the underlying reasons as to why I am dealing with certain situations. It opened my spirit to healing and for that I am extremely grateful." - Elle Geeze

"Well, besides the fact that the reading was dead on, it really helped me on all levels of self improvement. The thing that had been weighing on my mind (whether to pursue or improve myself) were brought to the light and have benefited me in ways I don't think I would have otherwise. After the truths were brought to me with a simple card reading, I really got a boost on how to grow and I've surely grown drastically. One thing my reading showed me that I lacked was self will, but the reading encouraged me to overcome this." - Jasmine G., Texas

"I am in an adventurous space right now; in the wilderness to uncover a treasure, metaphorically speaking. I don't know the science behind what Priestess Esi does, however most of her readings confirmed exactly what I was or am currently going through and it is with this insight, I was able to better understand my situation and rise above it with flying colors before being pulled into an emotional roller coaster ride experience of the pleasures and pain of life. I highly recommend her readings for those who are trying to better understand your experiences and even if you have fully accepted your experiences, her reading provides the motivation needed to push the agenda in your mind to MOVE! Priestess Esi's motivation is the best!" - R. Martin, Texas

"Honorable Respects! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! Wow!  You really hit the nail on the head.  Some of it was like .....whoa!!! How did she?????  The Owl is right on point, and so were the two Chinese goddesses! My passion for the Chinese culture (as well as African or Olmec culture) was mentioned in the reading. The solitude part is REAL! YOU ARE THE BOMB!!! Priestess Esi, I truly respect your power and your foresight! I am honored to have such a knowledgeable friend and (adopted sister)! WOW I am still in awe....This will go into my personal safe ((Priestess Esi -Rahubaat EL Kuluwm).....dang! I gotta read this again." - Norman "Hu" Mason from Richmond, VA